Treating Acne scars is very challenging and exciting at the same time. Many people ask me what’s the best treatment for acne scars? The truth is there is no single best treatment option. Scars are of different types. Different treatment options work for different scar types and sometimes the treatments may need to be combined for best results. The treatment options include:

Treatment options :-
TCA Cross: This treatment works for scars, which look like large open pores on the face. In this drops of TCA (an acid) are applied on the spots. It is done once a month and results may be seen after 3-4 sessions.
Microneedling: This works on scars, which look like holes on the skin. Multiple sessions are needed and they need to be carried out once a week and is combined with vitamin C tablets for best results.
Fillers and Botox: These help to cosmetically camouflage the scars. The result is temporary and it is often used when people want immediate benefit like just before marriage.